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Specrete Representative Lines


Grout Fluidifiers

Intrusion-Aid Grout Fluidifiers promote flowability, reduce water requirements, reduce bleeding and segregation, eliminate setting shrinkage and increase strength.  They are designed for use in a variety of specialty grouting applications including augered cast-in-place piling, tie-back grouting and many more.


Pumping and Shotcrete Aids

Micro-Aid Pumping and Shotcrete Aids create a homogenous mixture with all materials held in suspension.  This line of additives provides solutions for underwater grouting, shotcrete, lightweight concrete and CLS (Controlled Low Strength) applications. 


Concrete and Grouting Admixtures

The Flo-Aid products are our growing line of concrete and grouting admixtures.


Pump Primers

Pump-Aid is Specrete's new category of pump primers. 

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