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Pressure Filtration
Technical Services

Mix Design Consultation

Our experienced team of grout and concrete experts can help to maximize the performance of your mix design.  We can identify problems before they occur and determine cost-effective solutions.

Pre-Project Testing

When you have a list of requirements, our lab technicians can run preliminary tests to ensure they will be met.  We can arrange for your local materials to be shipped to our lab for the highest level of accuracy.

Emergency Problem


We understand that speed is critical when a job is in progress.  If you can’t get the steel to drop or your pump keeps getting blocked, we can work quickly to improve your grout so you can get back to production.



Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to see it firsthand.  No matter where your job is, a Specrete representative is available to visit the site to diagnose and solve problems in person.


Product Development

Do you specialize in a unique concrete or grouting application?  We can fine-tune an additive formulation to maximize the potential of your grout and custom package to fit your equipment.

In-House Information Sessions

If you and your team would like more information about how to get the most out of Specrete’s products, let us know and we can present at your next safety or training meeting.

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